This is a time of radical change in a woman's body over a relatively short time. As the weight distribution moves forward, massive postural changes occur from the feet to the top of the spine. Pregnant women sit differently, lay differently, and walk differently. Is it any wonder that most women report musculoskeletal pain during this time? From pain throughout the back to headaches to knee and ankle issues, pregnancy can result in major issues.

The amount of stress caused by the rapid physical change is enormous. In addition to the vast differences in weight bearing, hormones will be produced that loosen the ligaments. This is meant to loosen the pelvis for birth of the child, but it can also result in instability throughout the pelvis and spine. Low back pain is a common result, often with pain or numbness into the legs. Upper back pain, neck pain, and headaches are also common.

Mothers naturally want to avoid any drugs while pregnant. Chiropractors are able relieve the pain and maintain proper function without the use of any pharmaceuticals. This keeps pain hormones from affecting the child, improves the mother's sleep, maintains the function of the nerves to the uterus, and can properly align the pelvis for childbirth. We use a combination of gentle, chiropractic adjustments and soft-tissue techniques.

If your pregnancy is beginning to wear on you, getting checked out sooner rather than later is best. Far too many young mothers tend to focus on their child and forget about their own health. You can't take care of your baby unless you take care of yourself.