Shoulder Problems

The shoulder is one of the more complicated areas of the body. It includes four joints and a great many muscles. All the nerves to the arm travel through it. The neck and upper body are closely related to its function. Issues will often refer pain down the arm, to the neck, or to different areas of the shoulder. On top of this, it is often overused and abused. Fortunately, we are experts at identifying and treating this area.

Symptoms may include:

  • ● Numbness/Tingling into the arm or hand
  • ● Clicking or popping
  • ● Pain in the arm, shoulder, or upper back
  • ● Stiffness
  • ● Achy muscles
  • ● Weakness
  • ● Tenderness to touch
  • ● Nothing at all – many times people are so used to their shoulder issue that they don't even notice it until symptoms are elicited in an exam

Issues can range from minor to severe, and many will worsen if not properly treated. If you think you have an issue here, call for a consultation and exam.