Wellness Care in Children

Just as in adults, wellness care for children is care they receive when they are already well – to stay well.

Children have just as many stressors on their bodies as adults. As they grow, children will all deal with temper tantrums, mental stress, repeated falls, sports, the stress of growing, hormonal changes, slouching in school seats, awful diet. Left alone, these issues will eventually lead to symptoms. Catching the problems before they develop that far is important – like catching a cavity before it becomes painful. These are the ages where lifelong health begins and where the greatest changes can be made.
    Just as in adults, checkups to see how these stressors are affecting the spine are important. Catching subluxations early is a vital component of lifelong wellness. How we address the issues in children is different than in adults. Treatment is more gentle, and the lifestyle changes have to involve the parents as well.
    Fortunately, children are usually easier to change than adults and the learned patterns they develop now will stick with them throughout life.