Wellness Counseling

Chiropractic wellness care starts by focusing on maintaining the spine – which maintains the spinal nerves controlling the muscles and organs of your body. Going beyond mere pain-based care, we look at preventing issues and bringing your health to new levels. Minor changes in posture, ergonomics, nutrition, physical activity, and attitude have immense, long-term effects on spinal health.

Looking at the entire body, chiropractors approach wellness by looking at how every aspect of your health relates to every other aspect: social health, physical health, mental health, career health, family health, etc. All parts of your health affect the others. We look at the whole person and their whole life to see where problems have their roots.

This is a dramatically different way of looking at health than the typical model of waiting for something to break and hoping it can be repaired. The vast majority of major, debilitating conditions in America today are PREVENTABLE: obesity, type-2 diabetes, back and neck problems, heart disease, stroke, many cancers, depression, headaches, etc. How can these be preventable? That is because they all have a large lifestyle component.

Every person has different goals for their care – some short-term, some long-term. We stand by to meet your needs with options for either. If you have questions, schedule a free initial consultation: 218-740-2777.

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